If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is worth a million!

There is no better way to convey your message then having an informative ad with visual and audio impact. The key to a compelling video is the creative insight behind it. Canimated Productions can provide initial concept, scriptwriting, story board preparation, and videography including editing, after effects and motion graphics. I create economical and effective web commercials, infomercials, PSA or educational video productions with the added capability of animated segments and first rate motion graphics.

Canimated Productions has expanded it's videography capabilities! Capture your life's events, seminars, workshops or conference in full 1080p!

Here are some older videos made with various cameras:

First Impressions Signs & Designs - This web commercial borders on pure entertainment! The client wanted a unique, fun video that highlighted their location and services. They got that and a whole lot more ... throwing in their cute dog didn't hurt.  

Kitchens Inspired - This Motion Graphics digital ad has post-production voice over and has been timed to the music track. The PDF images came from the suppliers catalogue and content will be updated as the client plans on adding original project "before & after" images.


Stir It Up! Cafe - The client wanted a lively upbeat video for their organic cafe and to also bring attention to the art gallery of local artists.


Pynx Productions - This web commercial video was created as a demo to target school and organizational events; the challenge was to capture the rave feel but still have it palatable to the PTA.